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  Here at the Kelly Boat Company, we appreciate how valuable your vacation time is and we don't want you to waste it on a fishing trip where you bob around all day and never get a bite! Everyone knows there are no guarantees when you set out to catch fish, but we WILL guarantee to put all our years of experience to work for you to make your trip a success. Unlike many traditional big boat charters, we are not set in a specific pattern nor are we beholden to traditional tactics in order to catch fish. We base every charter on several specific criteria...your personal preferences (in-shore, off-shore, full-day, half-day, e.g.) being paramount. We then take into account the weather conditions, available bait (what the fish are currently feeding on), water temperature and clarity, tides, time of year, running time and distance, and a host of other factors in order to determine our game plan for your successful fishing experience. We want happy anglers! We want you to tell your friends! The best way we know how to do it is to put you on the fish!

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